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Diverse Industry Expertise at Envision Immigration

Under the leadership of Abhinav Katyal, RCIC, Envision Immigration has played a pivotal role in supporting a wide array of businesses across Canada to strengthen their teams with Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs). Our successful partnerships span various key sectors, reflecting our ability to navigate the unique challenges and requirements of each industry.


Envision Immigration is honored to have facilitated the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program for renowned brands in the hospitality sector, including McDonald's, Boston Pizza, Tim Hortons, and Domino's Pizza and many more. Our role in assisting these esteemed clients underscores our expertise and commitment to supporting Canada's hospitality industry with skilled international talent.

Trade & Construction

Envision Immigration also proudly collaborates with trade and construction companies. We are committed to addressing the skilled labor needs within these vital industries, ensuring robust support for Canada's infrastructure and economic growth.


Envision Immigration has been instrumental in assisting tech and IT employers with LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) applications and supporting their employees in applying for permanent residency through the BC PNP Tech Pilot Program. Our dedicated efforts have facilitated the growth of the tech sector in British Columbia by ensuring access to global talent and streamlined immigration pathways.


Envision Immigration also specializes in applications for the Agri-Food Pilot, addressing the labor needs of Canada's agri-food sector. Our expertise has guided numerous businesses through this specific immigration pathway, contributing to the sustainability and growth of the agricultural and food industries in Canada.

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