The Best Canadian Student Visa Consultant

A leader in comprehensive immigration services is Envision Immigration. Helping international students get a Study Permit to study in Canada is their specialty. Foreign students in Canada for more than six months need a Study Permit. The Envision Immigration team helps students navigate the complex application process and increase their chances of success.


Envision Immigration excels in assisting international students with obtaining Study Permits for Canada. They guide students through the application process, help with college or university admissions, and manage transfers to ensure permits remain valid. Envision Immigration provides comprehensive support, from gathering necessary documentation to advising on permit extensions. Their expertise and personalized approach ensure students can focus on their education while navigating immigration smoothly, making them a trusted partner for students aiming to study in Canada.

Admission /Transfer of College or University

Study Permits need admission to a recognized Canadian educational institution. The experts at Envision Immigration help students choose a college or university that matches their academic and career ambitions. Considering the student's interests, academic background, and ambitions, their advisers recommend programs and universities.

After admittance, Envision Immigration helps with documentation and applications. Institutional acceptance letters are essential to Study Permit applications. Envision Immigration also assists Canadian students who want to transfer schools to guarantee their Study Permit remains valid.

Obtaining credit transferability and completing entrance requirements might be difficult when transferring schools. Envision Immigration's professional experts ensure students' smooth transition through these hurdles. Information on documentation, communicating with schools, and upgrading the Study Permit with immigration officials is provided.

Study Permit

A Study Permit lets international students stay in Canada during their academic program. Over the Study Permit application procedure, Envision Immigration's professionals provide full help. Advise on eligibility, gather papers, and ensure the application is complete and accurate.

Some Study Permit application requirements are:

1. Acceptance Letter: Canadian DLI acceptance.

2. Student Financial Support: Proof that the student can pay tuition, living expenses, and return transportation.

3. Supporting documents: Passports, photos, medical exams, and police certifications.

Envision Immigration professionals to check documentation and submit applications quickly. They show how to handle application concerns like demonstrating ties to the home country and expressing why you want to study in Canada.

After approving the Study Permit, Envision Immigration provides pre-departure instruction, travel advice, and Canadian life information. They aim to prepare students for their new academic path and let them focus on their education without immigration issues.

Study Permit Extension

To finish their studies, students may need to stay in Canada longer. If the Study Permit expires before the program closes, an extension is needed. Students can continue their studies without interruption by requesting for an extension using Envision Immigration's specialized services.

Extension of a Study Permit requires a fresh application with updated papers, including verification of continuous enrollment in a recognized institution and financial support. The Envision Immigration team helps students gather documentation, fill out application forms, and request an extension before the permission expires.

Envision Immigration handles the extension application and advises on legal status in Canada. This covers student work permits, post-graduation jobs, and permanent residency. Their holistic approach guarantees students are well-informed and can make their best future options.

Canada-bound international students trust Envision Immigration. Student help is provided throughout their academic path by their expertise in obtaining Study Permits, assisting with college or university applications and transfers, and managing Study Permit Extensions. In Canada, Envision Immigration helps students reach their educational goals and succeed with excellence and individualized attention.

Envision Immigration's experienced team helps with any aspect of the application process, institution transfers, and stay extensions. Their expertise in immigration law and client-focused approach make them a popular choice for Canadian students. Envision Immigration's comprehensive services and customer satisfaction allow students to focus on their education while an expert handles immigration.