The Best Canadian Work Visa In Surrey

The esteemed Envision Immigration provides full immigration services to individuals and families moving to Canada. Foreign people who want to work in Canada need work permits, which Envision Immigration specializes in. Our skilled team provides specialized counsel and support throughout the application process, helping customers navigate immigration regulations with confidence.


Envision Immigration specializes in Canadian work permits, providing personalized support for Post-Graduation, Spousal, Co-op, LMIA-based, and Bridging Open Work Permits. They assist clients in gathering necessary documents, navigating application processes, and understanding rights and responsibilities. Their comprehensive services help clients transition from student to professional life, reunite with spouses, gain work experience, secure jobs, and obtain permanent residency. With a client-focused approach, Envision Immigration ensures successful applications and maximizes career and personal opportunities in Canada.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

International students who have graduated from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada can receive practical job experience in their area through the Post Graduate Job Permit (PGWP). Depending on academic program length, PGWP graduates can work in Canada for three years. PGWP applicants receive specific help from Envision Immigration to transition from academia to professional positions in Canada.

A degree, diploma, or certificate from an eight-month program is required for a PGWP. Apply within 180 days of receiving the school's final grades. Graduates work with Envision Immigration consultants to compile and submit essential documents, such as the transcript and institution letter.

Envision Immigration helps graduates understand their work permit rights and duties and advises on permanent residency pathways after that. This complete method maximizes Canadian job experience for graduates, improving career prospects and long-term opportunities.

Spousal Open Work Permit

Canadian temporary foreign workers and international students' spouses or common-law partners need a Spousal Work Permit. They can work in Canada while their companion studies or works. Envision Immigration simplifies family reunions and allows spouses to contribute to the Canadian economy by providing expert Spousal Work Permit advice.

The major applicant for a Spousal Work Permit must be a full-time student or skilled worker with a valid work permit. Envision Immigration advisors help clients prepare proof of relationship, the principal applicant's study or work permission, and financial stability credentials. They also advise on handling application issues.

Envision Immigration knows the value of keeping families together and helping partners achieve their professional and personal goals in Canada. By providing personalized support and expert advice, the agency helps clients apply successfully.

Co-op Work permit

International students in programs that need work experience need a Co-op Work Permit. Students can do academically relevant co-ops, internships, and practicums with this authorization. Students seeking a Co-op Work Permit receive extensive support from Envision Immigration to help them complete their studies and improve their professional chances.

To get a Co-op Work Permit, students need a valid study permit and a statement from their school stating that work experience is required. Envision Immigration helps students gather and submit paperwork appropriately. They also help students manage employment and study to ensure they can combine practical experience with academic achievement.

In addition, Envision Immigration advises students on workplace rights and obligations and helps resolve concerns during co-op placements. This comprehensive strategy lets students focus on learning and achieving academic and career goals.

LMIA Based Work Permit

Companies hiring foreign labor in Canada must complete the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A positive LMIA shows that a foreign worker is needed to fill the job and no Canadian worker is available. Envision Immigration guides employers and overseas workers through the LMIA and work permit procedure.

Envision Immigration helps organizations understand and gather LMIA application criteria. Showing efforts to attract Canadian workers, offering specific job descriptions, and explaining how hiring a foreign worker affects the Canadian labor market are examples. Employers engage with Envision Immigration consultants to complete the LMIA application and comply with immigration laws.

Foreign workers can use Envision Immigration to prepare and submit their work permit application, including the job offer letter, LMIA approval, and proof of qualifications. They also offer tips on overcoming obstacles and adjusting to a Canadian job.

Bridging Open Work Permit

The Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) is for foreign nationals who have sought permanent residence in Canada and whose work permit expires. While their permanent residency application is completed, the BOWP lets these people work in Canada. Envision Immigration helps BOWP applicants preserve their legal status and work during the permanent residency process.

BOWP applicants must have a pending permanent residence application under one of the economic immigration programs, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, or Provincial Nominee Program. During the application process, Envision Immigration's experts help clients prepare and submit all essential paperwork, including the IRCC acknowledgment of receipt.

Envision Immigration also advises BOWP holders on their work permit status and updates their permanent residency application. Our complete strategy lets clients work uninterrupted and focus on their long-term immigration goals.

Envision Immigration is a trusted partner for parents and individuals negotiating Canadian work permit requirements. Envision Immigration offers comprehensive and individualized help to clients throughout the application process for Postgraduate, Spousal, Co-op, LMIA-Based, and Bridging Open Work Permits. Their dedicated staff helps clients realize their career and personal goals in Canada.

Envision Immigration tailors its services to each client's needs, whether it's transitioning from student to professional life, reconciling with a spouse, acquiring work experience, finding work, or obtaining permanent residency. With experienced counsel, rigorous documentation support, and continuing advice, Envision Immigration helps customers navigate immigration rules with confidence and simplicity.

With a client-focused approach and a strong understanding of Canadian immigration rules, Envision Immigration provides the best service and results. Excellence and client satisfaction make them a top choice for reliable and effective immigration services. Envision Immigration's comprehensive support lets clients focus on fulfilling professions and lives in Canada while leaving immigration to specialists.